Fibrous casings

were developed for the production of all types of dry sausage, cooked or scalded sausage, semi-dry sausage, smoked sausage, and for pressure-stuffed uncooked or cooked cured meat products. Graduated levels of impregnation provide the individual product lines with controlled meat cling properties.

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Fibrous Casing with Net

Slice Regular fibrous casings. Manufactured for smoked or dried products with excellent permeability for smoke penetration. Ideal for bologna, salami and summer sausage.

Slice Meat cling fibrous casings. These casings are produced by coating the inner surface of fibrous casings with a food grade material which causes the casings to adhere to the surface of the product. Ideal for dry sausages and products which are sliced with the casings attached.

Slice Peelable fibrous casings. These fibrous casings are available with a special inner coating of food grade material which allows the ready release of the casings from the meat surface after processing. Ideal for boneless hams and products where the casing is removed before slicing.