Pak pads

Pads match all meat, poultry, fish and fruits with their requirements and fulfill the challenge to absorb all free liquid within the packaging with long shelf life

Meat Pad

The pad, that makes your meat look especially good
A Meat pad, Especially for you type of meat

Our MeatPad knows how to keep your meat fresh for longer.

Presentation is the key. Fresh, appetising presentation of goods signals quality. It significantly influences purchase decisions. Every type of meat, however, has different requirements for absorption pads. MeatPad meets these demands with micro-pore technology.

Optimising presentation, minimising waste.

MeatPad can do both. It prevents meat from swimming in its own juice, as blood and meat juices do not only look unpleasant in the packaging, but also provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. MeatPad minimises bacterial growth and just simply keeps the product fresh for longer. Food wastage is thus significantly reduced. MeatPad gives support in any situation. It also ensures absorption and binding of meat juices when at an angle.

The right MeatPad for any type of meat.

Fitted with customised absorbentcores, the various MeatPads ideally correspond to individual types of meat. They are available with low to high levels of absorption power. Like this, they absorb exactly the amount of escaping liquid as individually required.

  • Sold in reels or in sizes.
  • Liquid absorption through micro-pore technology.
  • Absorption and binding of meat juices over the open
    surfaces  also at an angle.

Due to highest flexibility MeatPad is suitable for a very wide range of products.

MeatPad is ideal for e.g. a juicy rump steak but also for a tasty piece of salmon. 

MeatPad is available in different colours, which are adapted to the needs of the packaging and the content.


Fish Pad

Fish pad, so that in transport all runs well and nothing runs out

FishPad. No dripping in transport – but padding with assurance!

Well checked in. Clean delivery. The FishPad secures storage and transport of fresh fish. It is essential when transporting fish by air when it is stored on ice. It absorbs the melt water in polystyrene boxes before it can run away. And, by the way, it stops the melt water from watering down the quality of the product.

You need help, so that fish gets to the consumer fresh

The absorbent FishPad supplies this – individually customised to the product. Its innovative product design gives the best conditions for transport: on land, on water and in the air.
In air/transport boxes, display and GN trays it prevents liquid from running off. And on the fresh fish bar it makes an invaluable contribution to sales promoting presentations. This how it distinguishes itself as an important element in the value added chain.

Transport boxes, display or GN trays.

FishPad has a wide range of use. Customised to the requirement of the market, it is available in various sizes and absorption strengths, always individually tailored to your products. Whole fish or portioned merchandise all benefit from the unique, patented design of the product.

  • Size: customised and optimised
  • Surface: non adhesive and easy to handle
  • Stability: liquids are distributed evenly


Growth to turnover through 55% less wastage. Double of profit

FruitPad. Against mould formation. For longer freshness.

Presentation is the key. The FruitPad ensures fresh and appetising presentation of the product. Fruit and berries have different requirements. FruitPad will meet all these demands!.

Optimising presentation, minimising waste.

o buy or not to buy? The decision is made in seconds. Soft fruit displays its freshness at first glance. The art is to optimise the shelf life of this sensitive fruit on the way to the consumer – and with it their yield too. Gently bedded on FruitPads with micro-pore technology, soft fruit is best protected from pressure, juicing-out and mould. It stays fresh longer for eating.

Up to 55 % less waste.

As soon as the fruit is stored on top of the FruitPad, it starts to give longer freshness. The structure of the surface with its excellent cushioning actively shields against pressure. Pressure points, which cause cellular damage and juices running off, are reduced. Escaping fruit juice is absorbed directly via the surface and sides of the pad and is captured in the core. The quick absorption of liquid prevents the formation of mould and delays microbiological growth. In this way the strawberry red and blackberry black FruitPads reduce waste by up to 55%.

  • Absorbency: Whether liquid is naturally released or from damaged
    fruit, McAirlaid’s FruitPad absorbs from both the surface and the sides.
  • Breathability: The micro pore structure supports the packaging ventilation system required by soft fruits.
  • Protection: The pads are designed to have excellent cushioning with
    minimal raw material.
  • Presentation: Let us showcase your product and increase shelf appeal.
  • Hygiene: With rewet almost eliminated, microbial growth and mould is significantly reduced – this is active waste reduction!
  • Handling: Consistent product parameters result in superior machinability and efficiency.

Precision work is no problem: We can adapt FruitPad exactly to the size of the bowl according to the customer’s wishes.

meat Pad plus

MeatPad Plus is pure absorption power – totally without superabsorber

Sometimes there must be simply more absorption power.

The innovative MeatPad Plus absorbs the escaping liquids in no time at all. Not just the usual meat juices, but also water and oil based liquids. The secret of its high performance: the innovative SuperCore Plus material.

You don’t need chemistry for more absorption power, but a patented product design.

SuperCorePlus delivers an impressive performance even without superabsorbers. Longer cellulose fibres in the core form larger cavities, which can take up more liquid. This forms a capillary effect and with it – surprisingly high absorption power: up to 4,000 ml /per m2. All this with only 100 % pure cellulose! The patented solution for anyone requiring the greatest performance without superabsorbers.

The facts in brief.
  • 100% virgin cellulose core with no synthetic binders
  • No superabsorbers
  • High absorption up to 4.000ml/m²
  • Not listed in the category „active packaging”
  • Independent of the EU regulation 450/2009
  • Fulfills all BfR guidelines and certificates such as SWAN, PEFSC
  •  More space inside the core – therefore higher capillary action
  • Greater fluid distribution independent of minerals such as salt or alcohol
  • Absorbs water- and oily-based fluids

co2 Pad

you can gain 5 days of freshness
Transport, storage and presentation without time pressure

CO2 Pad. Longer shelf life.
Greater freshness.

The CO2 Pad gifts you time. Transport time. Storage time. And presentation time. It increases the shelf life of sensitive products by up to five days. This recommends it for the challenge of handling fish, seafood and poultry. The pad introduces CO2 into the packaging, which stems the growth of bacteria. This takes you to a winning zone. Not only as far as time is concerned.

Presentation wins too.

As the CO2 Pad absorbs free-flowing liquid, the products always give an impression of freshness. Even after a long journey, your product arrives appetisingly fresh in the chiller cabinet. With this, the innovative CO2 Pad also opens new perspectives for stress-free logistics. It frees you from time pressure during transport, storage and presentation. Your valuable product is simply more valuable for longer.

The facts in brief

  • Delay in microbial growth 
  • Additional saving of logistics costs
  • Secure capture of absorbed liquids 
  • Intelligent CO2 management in the packaging 
The innovative CO2 Pad can stem bacterial growth. 

it creates a protective atmosphere that measurably extends the shelf life of sensitive products. Fish and seafood, packaged in this modified protective atmosphere, stays fresh for up to five days longer. For poultry this time gain goes up to three days. 

Active CO2 release verifiably improves the climate in the packaging and shelf life is extended. Superfluous liquid is locked in the absorption core. 

Meat guard

The meat guard for heavy-duty action on the shelf

When others come under pressure, MeatGuard gives the highest performance.

MeatGuard shows that it can do more when high demands are made. It is the special airlaid for products releasing high levels of liquid. MeatGuard captures impressive amounts of liquid in the absorbent core and does not release them even when under pressure.

MeatGuard utilises the third dimension.

Its 3D-surface system with profiled material structure is designed for the highest levels of absorption performance. Thanks to its micro-perforation with funnel-shaped pores, it can absorb more liquid in less time. MeatGuard easily absorbs large amounts of liquid and captures it with absolute SuperCore core competence in its absorption core. With this, it is ideal for products, which lose a lot of liquid such as pork, chicken or turkey 

Built-in high performance. MeatGuard is designed as “closed pad”. Super-absorbers are built into the core, where they achieve the unbelievable. Absorbed liquid is turned into gel and is securely locked into the core. The pad does not release the absorbed liquid even when it comes under pressure. You can rely on the SuperCore core competence even for sophisticated presentation of goods. The product stays appetisingly fresh for longer.

Customised solutions for your food packagingPresentation is the key.

Fresh, appetising presentation of goods signals quality and significantly influences the purchase decision. En route from the producer to the consumer, absorption pads ensure optimum freshness, hygiene and look. Our pads have different properties and can therefore be best customised to the relevant foodstuffs.



    Active support for the maturation process of the finest

    So that beef passes the maturation test with the best grades.
    Gourmet quality made easy: Combined with vacuum packaging, VAC-Guard accomplishes/enhances a dry-ageing effect. Bedded on VAC-Guard, the beef and multi-layer pad form a shrink-wrapped team. VAC-Guard absorbs escaping meat juices and ensures an optimum dry-ageing effect. 
    The result: An optically and qualitatively outstanding meat product with natural smell and flavour. 

    VAC-Guard ensures a difference you can taste,
    smell and see.

    And this in proven quality. VAC-Guard was tested by the German Institute for Food Technology (Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik e.V. / DIL) in a maturation study and judged as very good. Amongst other, taste, smell and look were inspected. Using the multi-layer pad VAC-Guard, significantly improved the sensor technology on all levels. 

    The facts in brief

    • SuperCore absorption core
    • Purer taste
    • Natural smell of the meat
    • Improved look (structure and packaging)
    • Consumer friendly handling
    VAC-Guard was test winner!

    Compared to other vacuum packaging VAC-Guard clearly achieved the best results. Meat had the most natural taste. When the packaging was opened sour smells were significantly reduced. 
    The meat did not swim in its own juice – a clear optical advantage. The pad had absorbed the liquid. No meat juices flowed out when the packaging was opened. A plus for consumer friendly handling. And good a prerequisite for bringing your high-end product to the customer under the best of conditions. 

    Tested by the German Institute for Food Technology and found to be very good.

    VAC-Guard is available in various designs and colours to meet today’s requirements.

    With VAC-Guard, you get a visually and qualitatively excellent meat with a natural smell and taste.

    VAC-Guard supports you in bringing your high-quality product to the customer under the best conditions!